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The Beginning Of Colorado Spirits in Kremmling, CO

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Thank you for checking out our blog! We are Blue Valley Spirits in Kremmling, Colorado, and this is our origin story, how it all began, and an explanation of how three businesses co-exist under one roof. It’s been a long road to get to this point for us, but we are committed to making this dream of ours come true.

The Start of Blue Valley Spirits 

Back in November of 2018, we were approached by our friend Rick Reliford about venturing into an unfamiliar territory of joining his already established brewery and restaurant, with our distillery dream. Red and Rick quickly got to work designing the space that would feature each aspect of the two businesses. Remodeling began with Red installing new bathrooms and remodeling the side of the restaurant that would be the new distillery. We had to make a new doorway on the side of the building to bring in the 300-gallon ultra pro-hybrid still, mash tun, and fermenters.

The Still Arrives in Kremmling

The excitement and nervousness of that day is still etched in our memories. When the equipment started showing up, that’s when we knew this whole new adventure was beginning to take shape.

After the new equipment arrived, a whole new phase of the remodel began. Red needed to finish the bathrooms by learning all aspects of remodeling via Google. Red, fortunately, was a plumber in the past and worked in trades for most of his life, so the work came naturally to him. 

Remodeling Hiccups

But, there was a lot he still needed to learn, like working with contractors that don’t show up. This was our first real hold up in the construction phase. We had a steam plumber lined up since January, and then they strung us along for months, not showing up to do the work. That plumber never came. Finding a steam plumber in a small mountain town is no easy task. We spent a couple of months tracking a plumber down while still moving forward with all of our other construction plans. 

Finally, we landed a deal with Tolin Mechanical Services to come in and do all our steam plumbing needs. Chuck and Jeff were an excellent fit for our plumbing needs.  

Permits, More Permits & The First Brewstillery

While all of the construction was taking place, we still had to work our way through state and federal permits during a government shutdown. We were able to get our federal permit relatively quickly, given the circumstances. However, the state permit was much more difficult, because we are the first brewery/distillery/restaurant in Colorado. No one at the state level knew the proper way to license us since it had never been done before in Colorado. The way it is today, we have six different licenses all under one roof.

Between finding a plumber, construction, and licensing, we were fortunate to know a restauranteur/chef that had opened a restaurant in another town nearby. Rick had the idea of asking Jon if he wanted to take over the kitchen at our establishment. After some talks and logistical planning, we thought Jon would be the perfect fit for running the restaurant side of things at our new endeavor. Jon gladly accepted the partnership. Once Jon took over, he brought life back into the kitchen with a whole new menu and took charge of the restaurant side, creating his restaurant. 

The thing that makes our distillery stand out from other distilleries is that we also have a brewery and restaurant. It’s three separate businesses under one roof:

Blue Valley Spirits

Grand Adventure Brewing

The Dean West restaurant

Where We are Now

It’s been a wild ride, full of ups and downs and twists and turns. But, we were able to create something unique that has never been done before. We are dreamers that believe in creating an experience, unlike any other. 

When you step foot into our space, you can smell the hard work of beer brewing, corn cooking in the mash tun, and chef Tom is creating something tasty from the kitchen. At any point in the day, you can catch Red, Rick, or Jon, working on their craft and talking passionately about their ideas for the future. 

We are more than excited to share with the world our spirits, brews, and food. We have big plans for our space here in the tiny town of Kremmling and also our community. 

This is the beginning of something significant, and we hope that everyone that visits feels comfortable and welcomed. We are so lucky to call this corner of the world our home, and we hope that everyone finds their adventurous spirit here in Kremmling.  


Signing off,

Jess & Red

*Distilling at the crossroads of the unexpected*

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