Spring Smash:

Blue Valley Spirits Recipe for a Delicious Spring Smash Cocktail

We love this take on a classic Spring Smash using our corn whiskey, fresh limes, and fresh lemons. It's good for any time of the year but very refreshing in the spring.

Our Recipe


  • 2 OZ BVZ Corn Whiskey

    ¼ Lemon

    ¼ Lime

    6 Mint leaves

    1 OZ Simple syrup

    Lewis Bag for the crushed ice

  • Ice


In a shaker, add all ingredients and muddle (not trying to make a paste, just marry all the flavors).

Add ice to Lewis bag and smash it!

Fill rocks glass half full with crushed ice and flip the mixture back and forth

Top the rest with crushed ice

.Drink, repeat.

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