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Blue Valley Spirits

Blue Valley Spirits began as a dream of Red Waldron's in 2010. Inspired by the Gore Range, Colorado's snowmelt, and his family, Red started pursuing Blue Valley Spirits back in 2017. His love for crafting delicious spirits and entrepreneurial spirit led them to where they are today: Distilling at the Crossroads of the Unexpected in Kremmling, Colorado.

Red Waldron

Founder & Master Distiller

"Hi, I'm Red, and I'm the owner and founder of Blue Valley Spirits. My origin story starts with me growing up in middle-of-nowhere West Virginia, where I learned the ways of moonshine."

It all started with assisting a man whose family had been making shine for as long as can be remembered.  He had carried on that tradition from his family and he passed it on to me. Later, I moved to the mountains of Colorado.  Being new to the land, I was not able to find anyone making or selling moonshine. So, a friend (Squirrely) and I decided to start making our own moonshine.  We bought a still online and other equipment and went to creating our own spirit. While doing this we started to refine our process and discover our own recipes. 

As life goes in these mountains, people move on to bigger and better things and Squirrely moved away.  But I became absolutely obsessed with this craft that I had fallen in love with and continued to refine my skills and my moonshine.  I read and experimented as much as I absolutely could.

To this day, I have not spent a day where I have not wanted to further this passion of mine.  With this accumulated and still growing knowledge, I attended Moonshine University to further my skill set. With more formal education, I became confident in sharing my passion with others and starting a  prosperous business. I came out of that class beaming, and full of new knowledge - wanting and knowing that one day my dream could come true. 

Since I completed the class, I have worked the last couple of years since to make this dream of owning a distillery a reality.

This is what craft takes.  This is how we as craft makers make our dream come true.  Follow me and us for the rest of the story.

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