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At Blue Valley Spirits, we produce and create spirits that we enjoy drinking ourselves, first and foremost. We do not buy our product but make it locally at our distillery in Kremmling. We make every single batch in house and on-premise.

We use a copper/stainless steel hybrid still custom-built for us that allows us to create delicious and smooth spirits in an artisanal yet approachable way. Since Red is our Master distiller, he hand distills every batch, tasting as he goes and ensuring the product is the finest quality we can deliver.

Snow Mountain Vodka

Type: Vodka

Snow Mountain Vodka is crisp and clear like a field of fallen snow. This vodka is distilled from 100% corn mash and is Triple Distilled and cold carbon filtered for a delicious vodka.

Spring Creek

Type: Whiskey

Spring Creek Corn Whiskey is reminiscent of the good ole' days of moonshine. Distilled from100% corn mash and produced using Colorado's snowmelt, it is sure not to disappoint.


Type: Specialty Spirit

Zodiac is a specialty spirit produced from 100% corn mash. Vapor distilled through a gin head using orange, cinnamon, and other botanicals, this spirit is unique in flavor and character. To add an extra punch, we rest this spirit on oak chips and rose hips after its distilled.


Type: Rum COMING SPRING 2021

Valhalla Rum is produced from molasses and pot-distilled to create a rum that is rich in flavor. Named after Valhalla Peak deep in Colorado's outstanding Gore Range, this rum is smooth and balanced.

Lily Gin

Type: Gin

Lily Gin is a bright and flavorful gin produced using a 100% corn mash and distilled through a gin head using juniper, cardamom, sage, and other botanicals.

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