The Process

Craft distilling is what we do!

Before anything, we mill our own grain to ensure quality. At Blue Valley Spirits, it’s imperative that we see and know the grains that produce our spirits. We then move through the process, on-premise at our Kremmling distillery.

Step 1: Mash Tun

First, we utilize the Mash Tun to cook our Root Shoot Malting grains so that they release their starches. The enzymes used from malted grains break down starches into simple sugars. This process is called mashing. Next, we transfer the mash over to the fermenter.

Step 2: Fermenter

At this time, we add yeast to the mash. The yeast is a fungus that consumes the sugar created during the mashing of the grains. The byproduct of yeast consuming sugar is alcohol and CO2 (hence the bubbles when fermenting). Amazingly, fermentation can take as few as 5 days up to a few weeks to completely finish. This Step is when alcohol is made. From here, we transfer the ferment to the still to finish off.

Step 3: Still & Distillation

Distillation is the process of purifying a liquid from heating and cooling. There is where the art of the process and our knowledge really shines.

Depending on which spirit we are distilling, the amount of distillation varies. Whiskeys and rums have more flavor and therefore require less distillation, so the malted grain flavor sticks out. Contrastly, vodka has much less flavor and gets distilled up to 95% alcohol. The more distillation equals less flavor.

In this step, we make the crucial cuts for the spirit. Each cut is called the heads, hearts, or tails. This refers to alcohol content and flavor at this point. The heads are higher alcohols that come off the still first. They are high proof and very sharp in flavor. The hearts are crucial to all spirits as they are where the real flavor comes from. Hearts are smooth and full of flavor. The tails are last and are low in alcohol with a very muddled flavor.

The art of distillation is in these cuts and the heart, literally and figuratively, that goes into them. Depending on the spirit, after distillation, it can be barrel-aged or re-distilled with added flavors. Every craft spirit we create is crafted with the best taste and quality in mind.

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